Our Company, GSK Trade Ltd. was founded in 2006 by János Gáva and Ildikó Sinka, which is 100 percent hungarian owned. Our enterprise's main profile is Acacia. The office is located in Nyíregyháza, the lumberyard can be found in Napkor.
Acacia log products



Origin, Spreading

The Acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia) is native in the Southeast part of the United States, although they relocated it to Europe, North and South-Africa, East and West-Asia, also they tried to relocate it to New-Zealend, but it was unsuccesful.
To Europe the Acacia was transferred between 1601 and 1635. In Hungary this is one of the most common tree species.


The Acacia usually grows between 12-20 meters, rarely could grow up to 25-30 meters. Its trunk is squattish, hard. Its cortex is grey-brownish. Long-lived, blossoms in the second half of May, its growth ripes in October. It has a desire of warmness, although frost-sensitive, photosensitive and drought-tolerating.


-Garden furniture
-Garden, plaza statues
-Breakwater stakes


Outdoor, in the ground (alive) 40 - 60 years
Outdoor, laying on the ground (cut) 80 - 100 years
In a dry building or underwater, above 500 years

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